Product - Sponge Iron
Fe. Total 90-92
Fe. Metallic 81-84
Metallisation 88-90
Sulphur 0.03 max.
Phosphorus 0.05 max.
Carbon 0.10 (approx.)
Gangue content 5 (approx.)
Physical Size
Size Lump + 3 mm
Fines 0-3 mm
Bulk Density 1.9-2.2 MT / m3

The flagship company of G.R. Group is into the manufacturing of Sponge Iron with the help of coal. Coal acts as the fuel as well as a reducing agent & Oxygen is removed from the Ore to produce Sponge Iron. Since reduction takes place in the solid phase only it is called Direct Reduction. The finished product has pores like a sponge due to removal of Oxygen, thus it is also known as Sponge Iron. The hot flue gases produced in the reactor during the process are used in Waste Heat Recovery Boilers to produce Steam and generate power. Power is also generated through FBC Boiler and helps us in economizing our power generation costs. This company was established in the year 2004. The company caters to the power needs of Ferro Alloys & Pellet Plant. The DRI manufactured is sold in open market and also used for captive consumption.

The annual capacity is 60000 Mt of Sponge Iron and 70000 MWH of power. It also has its own fly ash brick manufacturing facilities to consume its bed ash and fly ash from the power plant.