GR Mineral and Industries Pvt. Ltd. is the Ferro Alloy division of the group and has State of the Art infrastructure for manufacturing of High Quality High Carbon Silico-Manganese, High Carbon Ferro Manganese, Ferro Silicon & Foundry/Steel grade cast iron. These products are used in manufacturing mild steel and special steel. Ferro Alloys are produced in submerged arc furnace using electro thermal process. The main raw materials used in manufacturing Ferro Alloys are manganese ore, of various grades, fluxes like dolomite limestone & reductant like coke & coal. The charge mix is smelted in furnace using graphite electrodes though which high current is passed. The batch is created according to required Quality & Metallurgy for final production. The unit has adequate warehousing capacity and trained manpower with modern facilities.

In House Laboratory
G.R. Minerals and Industries have qualified chemists for in house testing and have also installed state of the art testing lab for testing of all types of raw material as well as finished goods. Test Certificates are necessarily provided together with every consignment of finished goods.

Product Installed Capacity
Ferro Alloys / Cast Iron 10000 TPA
Specification High Carbon Silico Manganese
High Carbon Ferro Manganese High Carbon Ferro Manganese
Manganese (Mn) 60-65% 65-70% 70-75%
Silicon (Si) 15-17% 2.00% Max 1.50%Max
Carbon (C) 2.0% Max 6-8% 6-8%
Phosphorous (P) 0.35% Max 0.35% Max 0.35% Max
Sulphur (S) 0.05% Max 0.05% Max 0.05% Max
Size in mm 25-150 mm (+/- 10% Tolerance) 25-150 mm (+/- 10% Tolerance) 25-150 mm (+/- 10% Tolerance)
Packing As per requirement As per requirement As per requirement