Product - Sponge Iron
Fe. Total 90-92
Fe. Metallic 81-84
Metallisation 88-90
Sulphur 0.03 max.
Phosphorus 0.05 max.
Carbon 0.10 (approx.)
Gangue content 5 (approx.)
Physical Size
Size Lump + 3 mm
Fines 0-3 mm
Bulk Density 1.9-2.2 MT / m3

N.R. Sponge Pvt. Ltd. is located in Village. Bahesar, Phase-II, Siltara Indus. Area. N.R. Sponge Pvt. Ltd. has been added to G.R. Group in the year 2014 having an annual capacity 1 Lakh MT of sponge iron. The company started its commercial production under the group from the month May 2014 and is running in good condition.

Further plan is to install a power plant with in-house steel manufacture & rolling mill setup.